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Visning af "ophav" og titel på musikposter

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Jeg kan se at der er en større samlesag (#4465) omkring visning af bibliografiskeposter – så her kommer endnu et ønske..


Samlet visning af ophav og titel på ”skæring” (sang/melodi – alt efter temperament) bør vises sammen ikke som i dag, hvor der vises bidrag af i en ”blok” og en anden ”blok” med Indhold.


Det er samlet visning af felterne 700/710/770/780 vises sammen med felt 795.


I dag står der f.eks.(faust 25015983):

Bidrag af:    Howard Devoto

                 The Attraction



Indhold:       Blitzkrieg bop

                 Sheena is a punk rocker


Ingen af de første sange er af de første ophav.


”Problemet” ses ved antologier og ved klassisk musik hvor der er flere ophav på samme udgivelse, men katalogiseringen ”opstiller” efter første ophav (f.eks. faust 25997786). benytter den ønskede visning.


Med venlig hilsen



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Tak for det! :-)

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Ønsket er oprettet som udviklingsønske ift. udvikling af format til visning via Openplatform.

Aktuel visning i Openplatform:

      "contributor": [
        "Howard Devoto",
        "Nick Lowe",
        "Iggy Pop",
        "Richard Hell",
        "Patti Smith",
        "Elvis Costello",
        "Ian Dury",
        "Tom Robinson",
        "Joe Jackson",
        "Johnny Thunders",
        "The Attractions",
        "The Stooges",
        "The Voidoids",
        "The Clash",
        "The Saints",
        "The Damned",
        "The Jam",
        "Pere Ubu",
        "The Modern Lovers",
        "The Adverts",
        "The Heartbreakers New York City",
        "Mink DeVille",
        "X-Ray Spex",
        "The Stranglers",
        "The Runaways",
        "New York Dolls",
        "Eddie & The Hot Rods",
        "The Dictators",
        "Generation X",
        "The Boomtown Rats",
        "The Fall",
        "Subway Sect",
        "Stiff Little Fingers",
        "The Vibrators",
        "The Boys",
        "Dead Boys",
        "The Undertones",
        "The Dils",
        "Joy Division",
        "The Mekons",
        "The Germs",
        "The Rezillos",
        "The Pretenders",
        "The Weirdos",
        "Alternative TV",
        "The Avengers",
        "Sham 69",
        "Black Flag",
        "Rich Kids",
        "The Motors",
        "Siouxsie & The Banshees",
        "The Members",
        "Dead Kennedys",
        "The Only Ones",
        "The Soft Boys",
        "The Slits",
        "The Cramps",
        "Talking Heads",
        "The Ruts",
        "The Cure",
        "The Pop Group",
        "Gang of Four",
      "hasPartTrack": [
        "Blitzkrieg bop",
        "Sheena is a punk rocker",
        "White riot",
        "Heart of the city",
        "What do I get?",
        "Ever fallen in love (with someone you shouldn't've?)",
        "(I'm) stranded",
        "Neat neat neat",
        "New rose",
        "In the city",
        "The modern world",
        "Final solution",
        "Pablo Picasso",
        "Little Johnny Jewel",
        "See no evil",
        "One chord wonders",
        "Gary Gilmore's eyes",
        "Born to lose",
        "Chinese rocks",
        "Search and destroy",
        "Lust for life",
        "Let me dream if I want to",
        "Oh bondage up yours!",
        "The day the world turned day-glo",
        "1 2 X U",
        "Blank generation",
        "Love comes in spurts",
        "(Get a) grip (on yourself)",
        "Cherry bomb",
        "Personality crisis",
        "Teenage depression",
        "Do anything you wanna do",
        "Two tub man",
        "Hey Joe (version)",
        "Free money",
        "Your generation",
        "Ready steady go",
        "Saturday night in the city of the dead",
        "X offender",
        "Hanging on the telephone",
        "Lookin' after no. 1",
        "She's so modern",
        "Don't dictate",
        "Bingo master",
        "Suspect device",
        "Alternative ulster",
        "Baby baby",
        "First time",
        "Sonic reducer",
        "Shot by both sides",
        "Mystery dance",
        "Radio, radio",
        "Teenage kicks",
        "Get over you",
        "Sex & drugs & rock & roll",
        "Rocket U.S.A.",
        "Mr. Big",
        "Love will tear us part",
        "Where were you?",
        "Lexicon devil",
        "(My baby does) good sculptures",
        "Top of the pops",
        "The wait",
        "We got the neutron bomb",
        "Action time vision",
        "2-4-6-8 motorway",
        "We are the one",
        "Borstal breakout",
        "If the kids are united",
        "I love livin in the city",
        "Ghosts of princes in towers",
        "We're desperate",
        "Adult books",
        "You drive me ape (you big gorilla)",
        "Dancing the night away",
        "Hong Kong Garden",
        "The sound of the suburbs",
        "California über alles",
        "Another girl, another planet",
        "(I want to be an) anglepoise lamp",
        "Typical girls",
        "Human fly",
        "Psycho killer",
        "Babylon's burning",
        "Boys don't cry",
        "She is beyond good and evil",
        "Is she really going out with him?",
        "Love like anthrax",
        "Into the valley",
        "You can't put your arms round a memory"

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