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Med de nuværende statistik-muligheder for DDB Widgetten er vi i stand til at spore:

-Hvor og hvor mange gange widgetten er blevet vist
-Hvor og hvor mange gange den er blevet foldet ud
-Hvor og hvor mange gange den er blevet klikket på

Vi mangler at kunne spore, hvor der bliver klikket hen.
Dette forudsætter kode-ændring i selve widgetten.


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Så vidt jeg har forstået, skal host-header'en indeholde en referer som denne:

... men det gør den ikke.
Her er den på ereolen efter der er navigeret fra litteratursiden vha widgetten:

Se: Ingen referer.

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#4 Updated by Piotr Birketoft 12 months ago

Dear team,


As promissed, here is an explanation of the issue we see, and a best guess for a solution:


Currently our challange is that we wish to see what pages users clicked towards from the Widget.

In Web analytics this is done, by looking at the destination pages (the one that users land on) referrer.

So when you go to, open the widget, click on "eReolen", you can see on that that user came from litteratursiden.

Unfortunatly the referrer gets removed when you use the widget (see Tues screenshots above). This means that we have no way of tracking the traffic back to litteratursiden.


If you ask me, there are 2 ways of resolving this issue. The most correct one is to "fix" whatever is clearing the referrer in such a way that it once again becomes part of the HTTP headder. My best guess is that its some kind of java script issue in regards to the way the link from the widget is executed.

The second way, and this would be a workaround, is to add 1 more parameter to the link stating where the users came from. This is possible, but not recomendable, as it would eat up 1 more parameter and require implementation on both the website and the WebTrekk end of things.

Please let me know if you have any questions, I will be happy to help.


- Piotr

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